Mediating Child Custody and Visitation: the basics

As an Illinois divorce mediator, and a parent, I know that divorcing couples face serious challenges figuring out custody and visitation solutions.

I wrote this article to help people better understand child custody issues in the contest of mediation.

Co-parenting peacefully

It can be challenging to co-parent even in the best case scenario. Parents can have very different priorities and concerns as things relate to their children. Despite this parents have to put their children first.

Mature parents can put aside their feelings about each other while doing the best thing for their kids.

Mediation can assist parents in developing a parenting plans so that parents have a framework of rights and responsibilities concerning their children.

Families are unique

As a parent, mediator, and Illinois family law attorney, I know what every family is unique. Locations and work schedules vary. Both children and parents have preferences, and unique needs. One of my greatest responsibilities as a mediator is to learn about the families I deal with so that I can help them develop pragmatic solutions.

Getting started with divorce mediation

To start mediation, call me at 312-554-5433. or contact me online. Parents who mediate with me will receive a guide to mediation parental issues to help the mediation get off to the best start.

About the author: David Wolkowitz is an Illinois Divorce mediator and a family law attorney. He mediates divorce, child custody, and child visitation disputes to help spouses and parents reach agreement without litigation.