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FAQ: Mediation before Uncontested Divorce in Illinois

As an Illinois divorce mediator and divorce lawyer, I mediate divorces and also represent clients as a lawyer. But I can’t do both for the same person – that would be unethical. A mediator is a neutral, and a lawyer works for only one side of a case.

As an Illinois uncontested divorce lawyer, I’m often contacted by people who ask if I can represent both people. I cannot. But what I can do is help two people come to an agreement through mediation. Often, mediation proceeds an uncontested divorce in Illinois. That’s why I wrote this FAQ about mediation and uncontested divorce in Illinois. [click to continue…]

Tips: The Most Affordable Divorce Mediation

Do you wan the most affordable divorce mediation possible? There are so many options out there. Many divorce mediators will still be cheaper than litigating a divorce. So how do you find the most affordable divorce mediator out there? Check out these tips for finding a divorce mediator in any of the Illinois counties of Cook, DuPage, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry, or Will.

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5 Tips: the House in Divorce Mediation

If you own a real estate or a house and are going through divorce mediation, then what to do with the property is likely one of your main concerns. As a divorce mediator in Illinois, and an attorney, I know that making major decisions at a time of critical life change can be difficult.

But that’s why I wrote this article about tips of handling the house in divorce mediation. Because I’m a divorce mediator who is also a practicing attorney, my insight into properly handling a house will likely be far more effective than information from a non-attorney mediator who has never represented a client in court. I mediate divorces in the Illinois counties of Cook, DuPage, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry, and Will. [click to continue…]

Do divorce mediators give advice?

As an Illinois divorce mediator, many people ask me if they can get advice in mediation. That’s understandable. People seeking a quick and affordable divorce mediation usually want to feel secure they are making the right decision.

If you want to get advice from an Illinois divorce mediator, you should read this article about a mediator’s role.

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Affordable Divorce Mediation = Affordable Divorce

If you are interested in an uncontested divorce in Illinois, but are having trouble reaching agreement, you might be interested affordable divorce mediation.

Of the major benefits of mediation over litigation is the mediation is almost always much less expensive.

Here are some tips about how to make your Illinois divorce affordable with mediation. Follow these tips and you might see that while divorce mediation is not free, it can be a great way to reach an uncontested divorce in Illinois more quickly than you thought. [click to continue…]

Chicago divorce mediator. . . in Joliet?

I know a lot of people are searching for a Chicago divorce mediator.

In fact, people often look for mediators or lawyers that live near them. Why not?

What if you come a cross a Chicago divorce mediator on the web but you really need a:

  • Joliet mediator?
  • Will County mediator?
  • DuPage County mediator?

It’s not a problem. I am available to mediate divorce throughout northern Illinois. You can contact me at 312-554-5433 or online.


Getting a divorce can be hard. Even if you and your spouse are trying to get an amicable divorce, or an uncontested divorce, it takes time to get those things done.

That’s why I not only make myself available in the Illinois counties of Cook, DuPage, Lake, Will, Kendall and Kane (among others), but I am also commonly available on the weekends and in the evening. [click to continue…]

Who is the best divorce mediator?

Are you looking for the best divorce mediator in Chicago, or the counties of Cook, Lake, DuPage, Kane, Kendall, Will or McHenry?

If so, that’s understandable. And challenging. I wrote this article about finding the best divorce mediator for you. [click to continue…]

Post-Divorce Mediation: Basic info

As a divorce mediator and Illinois divorce lawyer, I know that former-spouses may have disagreements even after a divorce is finalized. That;s not surprising.  Parents are often married for a shorter period of time than exists from their divorce to the time their youngest child turns 18. In other words, time as a divorced parent of a child can exceed the time as a married parent of a child.

Parties can mediate disputes that occur after divorce, known as the “post-decree” time period (because it is after the divorce “decree”, or judgment).

What is Post-Decree Mediation? [click to continue…]

Preparing for Divorce Mediation

No matter if you want to mediation your divorce in Chicago, Schaumburg, Naperville or Joliet or anywhere else in Illinois), one thing nearly for certain is that preparing for mediation of an Illinois divorce will make mediation more effective.

I wrote this article to help people figure out how to prepare for divorce mediation in Illinois. [click to continue…]