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Before you divorce in Illinois, consider mediation. Every mediator here is an attorney, and a mediator, and can assist both spouses in affordably reaching an amicable solution.

Avoid court fights

Divorce mediation can assist spouses and parents in reaching settlement. While parties to a court case can fight it out for a while in court and decide to mediate later, sometimes the fighting can be skipped altogether.

As a mediators for Illinois divorce, our goal is to help people efficiently reach amicable and practical solutions.

Avoid expense

Every mediator here is also a divorce lawyer in Illinois. So we know from first-hand experience what types of agreements are successful, which might cause problems, and what the impact can be of leaving issues for a judge to decide. Don’t risk hiring a mediator that isn’t a lawyer – they call lawyers for advice!

Move on with life

Contact us at 224-300-0529 or online if you are ready to move on with life and leave acrimony behind you. If you successfully mediate your divorce, you can the get an affordable and fast uncontested divorce in Illinois.